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Discipline(s) : Anthropologie
Institution(s) de rattachement : EHESS

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Post-Trauma and perspectives of growth among young refugees

Thèse d'anthropologie préparée sous la direction de Richard Rechtman (EHESS) et Rebecca Popenoe (Karolinska Institutet), dans le du Phoenix Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate in Dynamics of Health and Welfare

The refugee status is a legal designation granted to individuals who have fled their home country because of persecution as defined in the United Nations Convention on the status of refugees. Thus, it is almost by definition that refugees have experienced traumatizing experiences. Trauma literature has been framed around pathology and negative mental health impacts of trauma, with post-traumatic stress disorder as a central focus, even though, the idea that struggles and crisis leading humans to change, sometimes in radically positive way is a recurrent theme in ancient literature and philosophy. It seems that it is only during the two last decades that an increasing attention is being given to these positive trajectories, mainly with the emergence of the Post-Traumatic Growth concept.

The research project explores:

  • How have the concept of Post-Traumatic Growth emerged and developed? How is it articulating with the concepts of trauma, PTSD and resilience? And how is it problematized when related to refugees?
  • How has it been put in practice within the mental health and psycho-social support services working with refugees? How is it being used by the practitioners? Is it used with refugees’ populations differently according to their country of origin, age, socio-economic or educational status?
  • How are young refugees experiencing the post-traumatic phase and how do they perceive the opportunities for reconstruction and growth? And how is the concept of Post-traumatic growth perceived by the young refugees themselves?

- Mots-clés : Migration; trauma; Refugees; Mental Health; Post-traumatic Growth


Allocation ou financement

  • Bourse Phoenix Erasmus Mundus (3 ans)

Principale communication

  • Post-Trauma, and Perspectives of Growth Among Young Syrian Refugees in Sweden; presented at The Migration Conference, Athens, August 2017.

Principale publication

  • 2017, Rights of people with mental disorders: Realities in healthcare facilities in Tunisia. Mayssa Rekhis, Abir Ben Hamouda, Sami Ouanes, Rym Rafrafi.Jun 15, 2017. International Journal of Social Psychiatry. Vol 63, Issue 5.
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