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	Being Māori in the City

Being Māori in the City

Indigenous Everyday Life in Auckland

Natacha Gagné
Toronto,  University of Toronto Press,  [2013],  368 p.
Prix : paper 32,95 $

Indigenous peoples around the world have been involved in struggles for decolonization, self-determination, and recognition of their rights, and the Māori of Aotearoa-New Zealand are no exception. Now that nearly 85% of the Māori population have their main place of residence in urban centres, cities have become important sites of affirmation and struggle. Grounded in an ethnography of everyday life in the city of Auckland, Being Maori in the City is an investigation of what being Māori means today.

One of the first ethnographic studies of Māori urbanization since the 1970s, this book is based on almost two years of fieldwork, living with Māori families, and more than 250 hours of interviews. In contrast with studies that have focused on indigenous elites and official groups and organizations, Being Māori in the City shines a light on the lives of ordinary individuals and families. Using this approach, Natacha Gagné underlines how indigenous ways of being are maintained and even strengthened through change and openness to the larger society.

  • University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division, 2012, 368 pages. ISBN 9781442614130 (paper, 32,95 $) 9781442645929 (cloth, 70 $).



Preface and Acknowledgements A Note on language

  • Chapter I: An overview of Māori and New Zealand history

  • Chapter II: Māori lives in Auckland

  • Chapter III: The Marae: a symbol of continuity

  • Chapter IV: Ways of life in a Māori house

  • Chapter V: The whānau, past and present

  • Chapter VI: A practical universe of meanings

  • Chapter VII: At the heart of a politics of differentiation

Conclusion: Interconnected places and autonomous spaces

Appendix A: Profiles of the intervieweesNotes References



"Natacha Gagné is a gifted writer who has conducted excellent fieldwork and data assembly for this book. She provides a valuable corpus of knowledge by which to test and compare Māori and indigenous urban-life circumstances cross-culturally and cross-generationally. As such, Being Maori in the City could become a pivotal publication on which much needed future scholarship can develop."

Paul Tapsell, Professor and Chair of Māori Studies, University of Otago  


"Being Māori in the City is a serious advance in state-of-the-art research, re-invigorating New Zealand anthropology as it explores the realities of urban life for Māori today. Combining the intimacy of long-term participatory research with the relative objectivity of an informed, well-trained anthropologist, Natacha Gagné proves that this classic anthropological approach is the discipline at its best. Her book makes an important contribution both to Māori studies and to urban anthropology in New Zealand, adding significantly to an area that has been little explored in social anthropology."

Eleanor Rimoldi, Senior Lecturer, Social Anthropology Programme, Massey University  


"In this informative book, Natacha Gagné uses the framework of ‘universes of meaning’ to understand the wide and diverse sets of urban-based Māori relationship dynamics. This method captures and contextualizes the different situations of identity-dynamics quite effectively, and it will make this book of interest to those in a wide range of academic disciplines."

Lynette Carter, Programme Co-ordinator, Indigenous Development, and Senior Lecturer, University of Otago

ISBN : 9781442614130

Being Māori in the City. Indigenous Everyday Life in Auckland

Being Māori in the City. Indigenous Everyday Life in Auckland

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